Sybilla 1525

Given names
Married name
Sybilla To Jaepen
Birth of a daughter
Loena Tho Jaepen
1520 (Age )

Birth 1525

MarriageJakob To JaepenView this family
1545 (Age 20 years)

Birth of a grandson
Conrad Batzheinen
1556 (Age 31 years)

Marriage of a childJentgen BatzheinenLoena Tho JaepenView this family
1560 (Age 35 years)

Death of a daughterLoena Tho Jaepen
1584 (Age 59 years)

Marriage of a grandchildConrad BatzheinenSibylla “Billgen” View this family
1599 (Age 74 years)
Death of a grandsonConrad Batzheinen
1607 (Age 82 years)